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‘God Is Still Alive’: Nigerian Christians Remain Hopeful in Face of Religious Persecution

Fulani terrorists have reportedly killed hundreds of Christians, displaced thousands of residents, and destroyed nearly 30 church buildings in central Nigeria since mid-May. Rev. Timothy Daluk of Mangu County told Morning Star News Fulani terrorists have killed 300 Christians, displaced 30,000 residents, destroyed 28 church buildings, 2,000 houses, and looted 150 trailer loads of grains in the…

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‘We’ve Never Changed’: Dallas Jenkins Responds to ‘The Chosen’ Debates, Wants Series to Draw People ‘Closer to the Bible and the Real Jesus’

“We’ve never changed — not in our process or approach, nor my beliefs or intentions.” This definitive proclamation from Dallas Jenkins, creator, writer, director, and producer of “The Chosen” comes at a critical time for the monumentally popular series. By all standards, “The Chosen” is a rare phenomenon — a Bible-themed, multi-season show focused on…

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Singer Was Prepared to End Her Life — Until God Saved Her: The Lord Said, ‘Hold On. I’m Not Done Yet’

“Jesus changed my life.” That proclamation from Christian singer Katy Nichole is very much a statement about the performer’s own story. Listen to the latest episode of CBN’s Quick Start podcast That’s why it should come as no surprise Nichole gave that very title to her new album — a series of anthems about hope….

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American Public Experiences Surprising Shift on Social Issues That Could Impact Legislation, Life Ahead of 2024 Election

In many ways, America is at a political crossroads, with social debates intensifying on various issues. And as LGBTQ matters, abortion, and other cultural concerns take center stage and dominate headlines, some significant shifts are unfolding among the American populace. Listen to the latest episode of CBN’s Quick Start podcast According to Gallup, there’s an…

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Dad Yanks Kids From Public School After Pride, Gender Flap: ‘Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back’

A Connecticut father of four said he recently pulled his kids from the public school system and plans to homeschool them after elementary officials reportedly showed a pride-themed video to students. Listen to the latest episode of CBN’s Quick Start podcast “There have been a lot of moves that have happened at the school level…

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Apple to Blur Explicit Content as Instagram Serves as ‘Hotbed of Exploitation’ for Minors

As social media becomes an increasingly dangerous place for children, Apple has announced plans to automatically obscure sexually explicit content on accounts held by minors 12 years old and younger. The mammoth technology company recently announced the decision, a shift from a previous move put in place about a year ago, when Apple made the…

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‘Very Dangerous’: Persecution Experts Sound Alarm on Deadly Situation For Christians in India, Nigeria After 1,700 Homes Destroyed

David Curry, CEO of Global Christian Relief, and Joel Veldkamp, head of international communications at Christian Solidarity International, recently joined CBN’s Faithwire to discuss two nations where Christian persecution is raging: India and Nigeria. Listen to the latest episode of CBN’s Quick Start podcast “India is the largest democracy and, in the last decade, you’ve…

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UPDATE: Charges Against Street Preacher Arrested in Less Than 60 Seconds at Pride Rally DROPPED

Damon Atkins, the Christian street preacher arrested for sharing the Gospel and the Bible at a Pride rally in Reading, Pennsylvania, as soon as he arrived, will not appear in court, as the criminal charges have been dropped by the district attorney. Atkins confirmed to CBN’s Faithwire the charges have been dropped, adding, “Praise the…

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Instagram Algorithms Promoted ‘Vast Pedophile Network,’ New Analysis Reveals

With more than two billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the top-performing social media apps in the world, and purportedly lurking in its cyber-shadows is a dangerous web of predators. That chilling allegation — that Instagram’s recommendation algorithms have promoted a “vast pedophile network” advertising the sale of child sexual abuse material (CSAM)…

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