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‘God Put Me There’: Good Samaritan Who’s Being Called an ‘Angel’ Credits Lord After Saving Man’s Life After Horrific Motorcycle Crash

Despite losing his leg in a tragic motorcycling accident, Dylan Durham is thankful for his survival — and the good Samaritan who helped save him is crediting God for the positive outcome.

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Durham, 23, was riding his Yamaha 600 June 8 in Henry County, Georgia, when he hit a deer and found himself facing a life-threatening situation, WSB-TV reported.

The accident unfolded around 4 a.m., adding darkness and a quiet road to his already dire circumstance. Durham was critically injured on the side of the road, but, fortunately, someone saw him and took action.

Joe Hoagland, who was on his way home from work, saw wreckage in the road and couldn’t pass, so he pulled over, got out his flashlight, and started looking around.

“All of a sudden, I heard this little voice, the little murmur,” Hoagland said. “It was from a distance.”

Those noises were coming from Durham, who desperately needed medical assistance; his right leg was severed, he had a broken arm, crushed fingers, and other injuries — and he began begging Hoagland to help him.

“All he kept telling me was, man, please don’t let me die,” Hoagland told WSB-TV. “That’s all he kept telling me – please don’t let me die.”

Durham, who has since called Hoagland “an angel,” said he remembers every detail of what unfolded and never passed out during the ordeal.

Hoagland called authorities for help and then drew his attention to comforting Durham. They spoke about how Durham will soon become a father and other elements of his life, with Hoagland distracting the young man and helping keep him calm until help could arrive.

Fortunately, Durham survived — and it’s all thanks to Hoagland. Reflecting on what unfolded, Hoagland said he rarely takes the route he traveled that night, and credited the Lord for him finding Durham.

“God put me there for a reason because I can’t explain it,” he told WSB-TV, noting he believes the two now have a lasting, life-long friendship. “We’ll always stay connected. I feel like God put us together for a reason.”

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