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Google Drops Drag Show Sponsorship Amid Petition From Christian Employees

Google is distancing itself from a drag show in San Francisco after hundreds of employees — including Christian staffers — signed a petition condemning the upcoming performance as a “direct affront to the religious beliefs and sensitivities” of Christians.

The petition specifically accused Google of religious discrimination due to one drag performer, Joshua Grannell, who goes by the stage name “Peaches Christ.” The employees believe his performances sexualize and denigrate Christianity, calling his work “provocative and inflammatory,” according to CNBC.

Initially, Google described the event in which Grannell is slated to perform as a way to “wrap up this amazing month,” referring to LGBTQ Pride month. That internal memo, though, was rescinded after the petition began to circulate.

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Google, for its part, claimed the event was never fully vetted by the company and stated that as its reason for backing away from sponsorship.

In an email to CNBC, a spokesperson said, “We’ve long been very proud to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. Our Pride celebrations have regularly featured drag artists for many years, including several this year. This particular event was booked by and shared within one team without going through our standard events process.”

“While the event organizers have shifted the official team event onsite,” the representative added, “the performance will go on at the planned venue — and it’s open to the public, so employees can still attend.”

This shift comes as new survey data shows Americans are not too keen on corporations embracing and promoting LGBTQ themes, which has, over the years, become a mainstay for many companies in the month of June.

The survey, carried out by the Convention of States and the Trafalgar Group, found a majority of Americans (62%) believe companies should remain neutral on cultural issues, like sexual orientation and gender identity. Only 24% of survey respondents said companies should weigh in on such matters.

“No month better epitomizes the lengths that companies will go to in order to kiss the ring of the progressive left than Pride month in June,” Convention of States President Mark Meckler said in a statement. “But, as we saw with Bud Light and Target, Americans are fed up.”

In late May, as CBN News reported, Target lost nearly $10 billion in revenue as it was embroiled in a cultural firestorm over its LGBTQ-themed products, which have been prominently displayed in dedicated sections of the retail stores.

The Target controversy came on the heels of Bud Light’s situation, when the Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned brand lost at least $5 billion over a sponsored video with transgender celebrity Dylan Mulvaney.

Becket Cook, a formerly homosexual Hollywood set and fashion designer, told CBN News the forced cultural embrace of LGBTQ identities is part of an activist agenda.

“We’re inundated with TV shows, movies, media, social media,” he explained. “The 90s was really the decade where it really took off with ‘Will and Grace,’ with ‘Sex in the City’ that had gay characters in it. After decades of that happening and being inundated with that, it’s no wonder that the culture — it’s been completely normalized in the culture.”

Much of that, Cook noted, can be traced back to “a very strong anti-Christian sentiment in the culture.”

“One way to kind of get at Christians is to subvert God’s original design for male and female,” he said. “It’s almost like this revenge, ‘Let’s transgress as much as we can, because we hate Christians so much. We hate God.’ It’s not so much as we hate Christians, ‘We hate God so much that we’re going to be as transgressive and subversive as we possibly can.’ The trans movement among kids is the most extreme version of that.”

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