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‘Many Are Called. Few Are Chosen’: Hollywood Actor on Why Some Find the Gospel ‘Offensive’

Actor Nathaniel Buzolic shared a thought-provoking message about the Gospel on his Instagram page Wednesday, explaining why some find the Christian message offensive.

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“The Gospel is not about including everybody,” a graphic posted by Buzolic read. “The Gospel is about inviting everybody.”

The “The Vampire Diaries” star went on in the caption to continue his message about faith, devotion — and God’s truth.

“The gospel is only offensive to those who didn’t want to live under God’s sovereignty,” Buzolic said. “Many are called. Few are chosen.”

As CBN’s Faithwire previously reported, Buzolic has frequently shared his Christian faith on social media.

Last year, he posted an image of Mount Gerizim, the biblical location where God renewed his covenant with the Israelites. He also shared his take on culture and faith.

“The only mystery that remains is why man enjoys rebellion so deeply even when he knows what the end result will be if he does so,” the actor wrote wrote. “G-d will tell us so we can choose wisely. And the wisest of them all are those who listen and learn.”

Buzolic also shared a separate post early last year about Jesus’ biblical healings and the importance of being “transformed on the inside by the Word of God.” Read more about that here.

Continue to pray for Buzolic as he boldly proclaims biblical messages of truth.

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