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‘Parents…Being Called Terrorists’: Dr. Nicole Saphier on the Dangerous Cultural Wedge Dividing Kids, Parents

A medical doctor who has taken bold stances on various issues, including COVID-19, has embarked on a very different quest: penning a children’s book alongside her 10-year-old son.

Dr. Nicole Saphier, a frequent face on Fox News, a radiologist, and the director of breast imaging at Memorial Sloan Kettering Monmouth, New Jersey, recently released “That’s What Family’s For” with BRAVE books. It’s a project emphasizing the “beauty of leaning on your family when tough times arise.”

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“My last two books, ‘Make America Healthy Again’ [and] ‘Panic Attack,’ they were … a little bit more controversial,” she said, noting how her latest project, a children’s book, is a change of pace. “It just makes me feel happy looking at it, reading it … I co-authored it with my middle son, Hudson.”

But while the book itself isn’t controversial, Saphier hopes it helps speak into a beleaguered culture — one in which a growing wedge is placed between parents and their children.

“You have parents who want to go to a school board meeting and talk about what their children are learning in school, and they’re being called terrorists by some of our elected officials,” Saphier said. “That’s a problem. All of a sudden, you have the society, and they’re trying to separate parents from children.”

She continued, “And when children are vulnerable at this young age, they shouldn’t be separated from their children. It’s not the time for them to be independent; it’s the time for them to get those core values in them — faith, family, making sure their mental and physical health are the strongest that they possibly can be.”

Saphire said the “chaos going on around us” can be distracting, but hopes to help center families and ensure kids get the “upbringing that they need.”

When it comes to “That’s What Family’s For,” Saphier said she wants the book to remind people of the simple, timeless idea that “family is everything” and to unite together to push through challenges — something she said her own family experienced in recent months.

As it turns out, the book is loosely based on some events Saphier faced over the past year as Hudson, 10, faced health struggles beginning last summer. That journey helped bring her family closer together.

Saphire said writing the book with her son was an opportunity to funnel the emotions from the difficult time into something intensely positive.

“This was a way of … kind of channeling some of those emotions,” she said. “Hudson has always been a good writer. He loves writing short stories.”

As a medical doctor who treats cancer, Saphier is no stranger to difficult and harrowing diagnoses, but experiencing tough medical issues as a parent is an entirely different situation.

“When you’re the parent of a child, and you’re faced with a medical diagnosis, there’s still that level of unknown,” she said. “So, while you are trying to deal with this diagnosis and what the future holds, you feel like you’re completely out of control, because you are, for the most part, and you all of a sudden have to become very reliant on the medical experts and everyone else to kind of help guide you.”

Saphier said this trust process can be difficult for parents. She’s hoping to inspire families dealing with all sorts of issues to come together to enjoy “That’s What Family’s For.”

“I want people to take this book, read it together as a family, and walk away just remembering how important family is and just having that warm fuzzy feeling inside,” Saphier said.

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