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‘Tim Ballard Is a Hero’: Utah Attorney General Doesn’t Mince Words, Hits Back at ‘Sound of Freedom’ Media Attacks

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is a politician and public servant, but he’s also a confidant and friend of Tim Ballard, the subject of the new movie “Sound of Freedom.”

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Ballard, played by “The Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel, is a real-life former government agent. The film depicts his journey of discovering the horrors of human trafficking and then going on a life-changing mission to save children.

Tickets to the “Sound of Freedom” continue to sell, yielding over $53 million and bringing the topic of child trafficking to the forefront of the media. Reyes, an associate producer on the movie, joined CBN’s Faithwire to defend Ballard against media narratives attacking his character.

“Tim Ballard is a hero — no other way to characterize him,” Reyes said. “He was a very respected and successful special agent for Homeland Security, and he was effective at combating things like child pornography and child predators.”

Reyes, who has worked with Ballard and gone on raids, went on to describe the film subject as a “pioneer” when it comes to combatting human trafficking. Watch him explain:

“He developed a lot of skills when he had his badge, and then he made an incredible leap, with a lot of faith, I will say … to leave the security and safety of his badge and his pension and everything that he built up in his law enforcement career,” he said. “He could have stayed in that very comfortable zone, and, instead, he gave that all up so that he could go out in the world and try to seek out and bring home and rescue men, women, and especially children.”

Reyes said anyone doubting Ballard’s experience and credibility is doing so from “absolute ignorance.”

The Utah attorney general also shared his own experience combatting human trafficking and working hand-in-hand with Ballard.

The Utah attorney general’s interview comes as some outlets seem intent on connecting themes from “Sound of Freedom” to QAnon and extremism. Just consider the teaser for the Rolling Stone review, which read, “The QAnon-tinged thriller about child-trafficking is designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer.”

A review in The Guardian called the movie “QAnon-adjacent thriller.” Watch Reyes reveal behind-the-scenes details for responses to these claims.

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