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‘We Are in a Spiritual War’: Goya Foods CEO Speaks on Holy Spirit, Warns America’s ‘Morality’ at Risk

The longtime CEO of Goya Foods is speaking out about the dire moral state of America, proclaiming humanity is in “a spiritual war” and lamenting the state of the nation.

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Company head Bob Unanue expressed his concerns about America’s direction in a recent interview with Fox News’ “Mornings with Maria,” explaining why he’s so deeply concerned.

“As a CEO, businessman, what’s happened in the last two years is a complete disaster,” Unanue told Fox’s “Mornings with Maria,” speaking of the political scene in America.

Unanue believes the nation needs an “intervention” and warned, “We’re going to lose this country, our morality” if something doesn’t change.

Watch his comments:

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The Goya Foods leader also told Fox he believes spiritual issues are the root of political and social crises. And he addressed the growing Latino population in America.

“We are in a spiritual war. But this intervention is going to take place with the Holy Spirit,” he said. “Latinos, which will be the biggest group in this country by 2050 or by next week with this open border, hold the values of God, family, life, work.”

Unanue said many Latinos have escaped communism and chaos only to experience attacks on free speech happening in America, among other issues.

“Our children are under attack,” he said. “And we need to heal.”

Unanue expressed his personal support for former president Donald Trump. Watch the interview above for more.

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