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Woman Instrumental to Dismantling of Roe v. Wade Explains ‘Losing’ Position Critics Hold, Explains Full Impact of SCOTUS Dobbs Decision

As pro-life activists and organizations have, in recent days, celebrated the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, many questions persist.

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What’s the state of abortion today? Where are the battle lines drawn after the Dobbs decision sent abortion back to the states? And how should Christians handle critiques that the pro-life and Christian communities need to do more to solve the issue?

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony Pro Life America and a central figure in the battle over Roe, joined CBN’s Faithwire to discuss these questions and her view on the current state of affairs.

“What a huge difference one year makes,” Dannenfelser said. “After 50 years of trying, we’re at the starting line. In one year … 24 states have passed strong pro-life protections anywhere from conception up to 12 weeks.”

With these regulations under fire, the abortion war seems to be heating up, as victories and uncertainties abound for the pro-life movement.

“There’s a lot of wins and then there’s a lot of pushback fueled by fury and money,” she added.

Despite polls showing divergent views among Americans on the abortion front — a complex and emotional issue continuing to dominate the political landscape — Dannenfelser said she believes the faction of the pro-choice side advocating for no abortion restrictions embraces a “losing” position.

“They’re rallying around a 10% issue that now would be real late-term abortion — all abortion up into the end, paid for by taxpayers,” she said. “Passing a federal law to establish that and knock down all of our laws — that’s their goal.”

Dannenfelser described this as a “really unpopular position” — one she believes won’t yield victory for those embracing it.

“If you take the 10% position, you stand to lose,” she said.

Dannenfelser also lamented the violence plaguing crisis pregnancy centers over the past year and praised these pro-life clinics for the work they do to help women in need.

“This violence across the country — 90 incidents, at last count — they are after churches, they’re after pro-life pregnancy centers, they’re after pro-life leaders,” she said. “They’re after anybody that would stand in the way of the abortion clinic.”

Dannenfelser called pregnancy centers the “nerve center for the whole pro-life movement.” As for the violent assaults on these establishments, the pro-life leader likened the situation to what happens when the “hornets’ nest is shaken up.”

“Every single win that we have is an immense loss for them,” she said, citing 24 states where pro-life laws have been codified or strengthened in the past year.

In the end, Dannenfelser believes there’s a “realignment” unfolding and said this is typically the case after a major Supreme Court ruling involving human rights.

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